Mad Max – An apocalypse of poutiness

I wanted to like Mad Max. I really did. It had guns, explosions, fast cars, interesting characters, an open world and a hell of a lot of personality. But despite all that, I simply could not recommend this game. The Mad Max universe is all about the death race, the thunderdome, the roaring and barking of... Continue Reading →

Quick Snipe: Killing Floor 2

Horde survival games will always have a special place in my heart. A warm little fuzzy area right next to isometric RPGs and Super Mario 64. They are easy to learn but hard to master, always up for a quickie and nearly always absurdly fun. However, they always seem relegated to a sideshow or a... Continue Reading →

Quick Snipe o’ Shite: Planetside 2

Quick Snipe o’ Shite is a quick and easy review series based on imparting as much knowledge in as few words as possible. Today, our quick snipe hovers its crosshairs over Planetside 2, the MMOFPS from Sony Online Entertainment. Quick Summary: Planetside 2 is probably one of my favourite games at the moment: it has... Continue Reading →

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