The history of cults in video games

Cults: fearsome, strange, and fascinating. These zealots have been the subject of a hundred books, a thousand papers, tens of thousands of blog articles and news stories---and no small number of games over recent years. Now, as a new AAA game is set to use a cult as the primary protagonist (Far Cry 5), we... Continue Reading →

Are expensive video games more fun?

Everybody's been burned by a AAA game that didn't deliver at some point. But would it have been better to put away your wallet, head to the bargain bin and wait for a Steam sale instead? Are expensive video games really more fun, or is it just the result of hype and a bigger marketing... Continue Reading →

Why are survival games so popular?

What is it about survival crafting games that has made them so popular? Why is it that we are are seeing such an enormous influx of them of late, or the integration of some of their features into other genres? First, a definition. Because the "survival crafting" genre is so diverse, we have to make... Continue Reading →

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