7 video games perfect for couples

Couples that play together, stay together---and we've got the 7 best titles for you and the special geek in your life to laugh, cry, and ragequit over.   1. Portal 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0K5EXfgJnk Just when you thought Portal 2 couldn't get any better, you start playing the co-op campaign. The simple mechanics but devilishly difficult puzzles... Continue Reading →

The 3 Best Game Cults (You Weren’t Allowed to Join)

You're either with them or against them---cults are polarising at the best of times. But every so often, there's a cult in a video game that is so powerful, so strong, so undeniably cool that you can't help but try to join up. But sometimes, heartbreakingly, you simply aren't allowed to.

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