7 video games perfect for couples

Couples that play together, stay together—and we’ve got the 7 best titles for you and the special geek in your life to laugh, cry, and ragequit over.


1. Portal 2

Just when you thought Portal 2 couldn’t get any better, you start playing the co-op campaign. The simple mechanics but devilishly difficult puzzles are certain to keep you and your partner scratching your heads, while the engaging storyline will keep you trying to succeed as you fuck up again… and again… and again… and again…


2. Overcooked

While Portal 2 gives you an opportunity to sit back and slowly work out puzzles with your partner, Overcooked is more of a fast and stressful experience where you’ll end up spending equal amounts of time swearing in frustration and cheering in celebration. Just like Portal 2, this cute little title has only a few button presses to learn—perfect for those new to gaming.


3. Call of Duty Black Ops III: Zombies Chronicles

If you’re looking for a bonding experience, there are few activities more enriching than taking your partner on a date to Kino Der Toten in CoD Zombies and exploding some zombie heads together. It’s a form of marriage counselling really. However, do keep in mind that this isn’t newbie friendly, so if your partner isn’t great at gaming, it might be a good idea to give this one a miss until they git gud.


4. Divinity: Original Sin

“It’s a game about two people who work together to defeat evil, forming a close bond along the way.”

Describe Divinity: Original Sin like that to a romantically-inclined partner and I can guarantee they’ll be on board with this turn-based RPG. The fact that it has split-screen, great combat mechanics and an engaging story is just a bonus. Also serves as a great introduction to Dungeons & Dragons if that’s a plus!


5. Borderlands 2

You might think it a bit strange to ask your partner to play a game that so often includes the word “poop” in it, but in reality Borderlands 2 is a title that is designed to be played in a group—or at least with a partner. The splitscreen function helps out with that, but be warned; dividing up the copious amounts of loot you get can quickly reveal who the greedy one in the relationship is…


6. Castle Crashers

You can play Castle Crashers on your own, but you’re really missing out on 3/4 of the fun. If you play with your partner, then you’re only missing out on half. When Castle Crashers gets really good is when you get another couple involved (hurr hurr) and play the four-player co-op. It’s wild, it’s fun, and the controls are super easy to pick up. There’s no down-time with Castle Crashers.


7. Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 co-op does not include split screen. I have to tell you that from the very start. But if you or your partner have multiple systems/screens or don’t live together, this is a great way to experience the horror of the Necromorphs together—even for the horror wimps (like me) out there. After all, partners that mutilate together, duplicate together.

What games do you and your significant other play together? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Couldn’t agree more about Portal 2 and Borderlands 2 – been playing those with my partner for a while. Much stress, many angers. Great ol’ time!


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