Mad Max – An apocalypse of poutiness

I wanted to like Mad Max. I really did. It had guns, explosions, fast cars, interesting characters, an open world and a hell of a lot of personality. But despite all that, I simply could not recommend this game. The Mad Max universe is all about the death race, the thunderdome, the roaring and barking of... Continue Reading →

Rad Reviews: Fallout 4 (plot)

Rad Reviews cover all those games that a Quick Snipe just couldn't do justice on. AAA titles, brand new IPs and just plain brilliant/awful games all find a home here. Today we cover the plot of Fallout 4: no major spoilers, but certainly some minor ones ahead! I have never put much stock in Bethesda... Continue Reading →

Quick Snipe O’ Shite: The Long Dark

Quick Snipe o’ Shite is a quick and easy review series based on imparting as much knowledge in as few words as possible. Today, our quick snipe hovers its crosshairs over The Long Dark, the wilderness survival game from Hinterland Studio. The Long Dark, at first glance, is yet another one of the many survival games... Continue Reading →

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