The 5 best aquatic/island survival games (updated for 2018)

Want to ditch the forest and the barren wasteland for something under the sea? If you think it must better down where it's wetter, these games are guaranteed to get you moister than an oyster.

The 7 best post-apocalyptic survival games available in 2018

The modern world is over-rated. Kick back and relax with these post-apocalyptic survival games, safe in the knowledge that while hunger, thirst and radiation could very well be the end of you, at least you won't have to deal with social media and memes any more.

Why are survival games so popular?

What is it about survival crafting games that has made them so popular? Why is it that we are are seeing such an enormous influx of them of late, or the integration of some of their features into other genres? First, a definition. Because the "survival crafting" genre is so diverse, we have to make... Continue Reading →

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