Shoutout Sunday – Birds of a Feather

This Shoutout Sunday we feature fellow reviewers who we reckon are pretty fantastic at critique and comment! Check out the blogs below for everything from MORE Fallout 4 (as if you weren’t sick of it!) to Warhammer Vermintide.

First up is GRL – Gaming Reviews and Lists. This blog has everything from industry news to gaming reviews. We’re particularly fond of their “No Bullshit” review of The Evil Within.

With a solid grip on what makes a horror game a HORROR game, GRL delivers a well-thought out and well-delivered summation of the game and its features and flaws.

Second on the list is Alpha Signal Five, a self described “geek culture blog about comics, gaming, films, music, wrestling – all that good stuff”, and their writing is full of good stuff too!

We really like their discussion of the crafting system of Fallout 4, likening the workshop system quite aptly to The Sims series, and also taking issue with the sheer repetitiveness of some facets of crafting. We definitely agree, and are ashamed we forgot to mention it in Rad or Shite’s own discussion!

Finally, we have Morning Green Tea, proprietors of “freshly brewed gaming”. Their first ever post (!) is about a game that we are playing and loving too: Warhammer Vemintide.

Expect a review from us soon, but until then have a peruse of their take on Professional-Grade Splat-The-Rat. You can feel the genuine love and enjoyment of playing Vermintide throughout the piece, and it is fantastic to find people so passionate about their games!

Fancy getting featured on a Sunday Shoutout? We’re always on the lookout for cool blogs, but it’s far easier if you let us know where they’re at! Let us know in the comments below, or send us an email at It can your blog, your friend’s blog, just a blog that you particularly enjoy or find interesting: there are no restrictions!  Give us a shout today.

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