Make Minecraft Survival Again with these 4 hardcore wilderness survival mods

Wish Minecraft Survival mode was a little more... focused on actual survival? Then you might need one of these 4 free wilderness survival mods to make your game a little more realistic—and a little more difficult.

3 times video games stole classic moral dilemmas

Video games with morality systems are pretty much the norm for most, but did you know that many of the toughest decisions we've been faced with have been around for decades, if not longer? 

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Review

War of the Chosen adds content. A lot of content. A fuckload of content. So much content, in fact, that it was almost made into the sequel, rather than an expansion. Read more: Which is the more successful XCOM expansion: Enemy Within or War of the Chosen? You get: New soldier classes New enemies New maps... Continue Reading →

Rad Reviews: Fallout 4 (plot)

Rad Reviews cover all those games that a Quick Snipe just couldn't do justice on. AAA titles, brand new IPs and just plain brilliant/awful games all find a home here. Today we cover the plot of Fallout 4: no major spoilers, but certainly some minor ones ahead! I have never put much stock in Bethesda... Continue Reading →

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