5 of the best relaxing video game music playlists

Video game music has been shown to be extremely effective in promoting study, sleep, meditation---it's even great for setting down a chill atmosphere. To help you get your relax on, we've put together 5 of the best relaxing video game music playlists out there, and ranked them on four categories: Sleep---slow and repetitive for bonus... Continue Reading →

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Review

War of the Chosen adds content. A lot of content. A fuckload of content. So much content, in fact, that it was almost made into the sequel, rather than an expansion. Read more: Which is the more successful XCOM expansion: Enemy Within or War of the Chosen? You get: New soldier classes New enemies New maps... Continue Reading →

Rad Reviews: Fallout 4 (plot)

Rad Reviews cover all those games that a Quick Snipe just couldn't do justice on. AAA titles, brand new IPs and just plain brilliant/awful games all find a home here. Today we cover the plot of Fallout 4: no major spoilers, but certainly some minor ones ahead! I have never put much stock in Bethesda... Continue Reading →

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