Your first look at the Netherlands in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

Rev up your windmills and lock up your tulips, because the first official trailer of the Dutch civilization has landed, boasting a new leader, a unique unit, and… canals?

Check it out below:

The Netherlands, one of several new civilisations introduced in Rise & Fall, will have several unique features, including:

  1. Unique tile improvement: The Polder. A farmland tile that is built on water, providing 2 food, 1 production and half a unit of housing. If you look closely, you can even see an iconic Dutch windmill amongst the artificial canals.
  2. New leader: Queen Wilhelmina. The longest-reigning Dutch queen, Her Majesty Wilhelmina led the Dutch through two world wars and comes with the unique ability Radio Oranje. This skill, named after her radio broadcasts to the Dutch people during WWII, grants the civilisation culture for every incoming or outgoing foreign trade route—and boosts the loyalty of any city that sends an internal one.
  3. Unique unit: De Seven Provincien. This warship originally fought in the Anglo-Dutch wars, and boasts improved range and combat strength, especially when bombarding defensible city districts.
  4. Unique Dutch ability: Grote Rivieren (Great Rivers). Originally used as a way to dilineate kingdoms within the Netherlands, the Great Rivers are now used in Civilization VI: Rise & Fall to grant bonuses to Campuses, Theater Squares and Industrial Zones when built near a river.

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This combination of military, economic, technological and production assets and abilities seems to set up the Dutch for a very flexible playstyle, able to make the most of coastal tiles on island maps as well as dominate the oceans, but also well-suited to continental warfare with strong economic and cultural bonuses.

Stay tuned for more Civilization VI: Rise & Fall leaders!

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