Overkill’s The Walking Dead game gets brand new character trailer

Load up your shotgun and sling on your best scavenging gear, because Overkill’s new The Walking Dead game just got a brand new cinematic trailer, featuring one of the four playable characters in the game.

Like all good apocalypse stories, the trailer gives us a brief glimpse into today’s world, filled with nagging bosses, annoying family members and pedestrians who need to learn how to use a sidewalk properly, before jumping forward to the gritty zombie-fied reality.

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This is just one trailer of an announced four playable characters for Overkill’s take on The Walking Dead. If this trailer is anything to go by, it looks like there will be a lot less “sneaking around zombies that don’t know you’re there” and a lot more “deliberately bashing in skulls with a baseball bat” than fans of the TV show are used to—at least, when you’re playing as Aidan.

“OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead is a four player co-op action FPS, where you and your friends fight the dead as well as the living. Set in The Walking Dead Universe, you and your group tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C.

Each character has their own Special Abilities, Skill Trees, Squad Roles, Play Styles and Story Arcs, but teamwork is paramount. The action is close-up and intense: take out enemies carefully with silent melee attack or go in guns blazing with your choice of each class firearms. You need to be able to improvise as nothing is certain and a horde of walkers is always right around the corner.”

Official website

This is Overkill’s first crack at The Walking Dead franchise, previously having worked on such titles as Payday and Payday 2. While some commenters are worried that this new trailer has revealed an unrealistic “all guns blazing” action-orientated approach for the title, others are confident that the studio’s pedigree will enable them to deliver a new set of stories in The Walking Dead universe.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is slated for a 2018 release, and will be available on the PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC.


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