Overwatch devs put the chill on toxicity in new Christmas patch

Toxicity in popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch will likely never go away; but the developers over at Blizzard are about to make the fight against it a lot more obvious in the new Winter Wonderland patch.

It appears that Blizzard has decided that the Season of Giving is the perfect time to communicate more with players that report unpleasant behaviour in Overwatch. As of the launch of Winter Wonderland, the latest patch for Overwatch, players will be informed if their reports against a particular player have resulted in some kind of action being taken against the reported troll.

“If you’ve reported somebody and they’ve gotten actioned you’ll be notified in-game,” explained designer Jeff Kaplan to PCGamesN. But it isn’t just the reporters that will be getting a notification.

“If you’ve been reported a bunch and you’re getting close to an action against your account – meaning a silence, a suspension, or a ban – you’re actually going to get a warning now that tells you ‘hey, you’re kind’ve behaving poorly. If you don’t chill out pretty soon you’re gonna get suspended.,'” Kaplan continues

“Hopefully that restores some of people’s faith in the system and then they use it more.”

While toxicity might be present in nearly every online game, Overwatch has earned somewhat of a reputation for unpleasant player behaviour. One particular video, which you can view below, acts as a good highlight reel of some of the worst examples. WARNING! Shitty people and equally shitty language. 



Here’s hoping the new update will stuff the Overwatch trolls that damage the community back under their bridge.


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