Launch politicians into space with the new Galactic Civilizations III expansion Intrigue

Did you watch the mudslinging nightmare of a recent political election and wish you could just launch all of it and the people involved into space?

Well, it looks like Stardock heard your pleas and is ready to provide—but perhaps not quite in the way you wished. Galactic Civilizations III is getting a new political-themed expansion called Intrigue, which will introduce a slew of political jiggery-pokery.

The most notable change in the Intrigue expansion is the inclusion of new forms of government that will help the player shape their civilization. These governments include the like of democracies, oligarchies and monarchies, as well as all the associated cabinet members. Each choice will have positives and negatives, which expand across everything your civ stands for, including technologies, culture and economics.

In fact, the wrong combination of civilization traits could exclude certain government types altogether.

With these new political systems comes additional options for those players who’d rather avoid micromanagement. Outlying planets in your empire will start to demand independence—and should you grant it to them, they will form an AI-controlled empire that is separate from your own, but allied.

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“Players really responded to the added citizen system [in previous expansion Crusade], and we’re taking that to the next level with galactic politics and more with Intrigue,” explains Stardock CEO Brad Wardell.

Another addition is the Galactic News Network, an in-game notification system which will inform players on the state of the galaxy; including new alliances, diplomatic adjustments and declarations of war.

Players will also be able to avoid the often irritating trading system, as resources are relegated to supply-and-demand mechanics through a new Galactic Bazaar Rather than having to trade with other empires for required goods, players can simply purchase them directly—though potentially at a high cost, if the resources are in high demand.

“Players really responded to the added citizen system [in previous expansion Crusade], and we’re taking that to the next level with galactic politics and more with Intrigue.”

Lastly, there will be a number of smaller, but important, introductions, such as new planetary improvements, techs, ship modules, and so on.

Intrigue for Galactic Civilizations III will be available on PC and will require the base game to play.

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