Anthem delayed to early 2019

Bioware’s sci-fi shooter Anthem has been pushed back to early 2019, seemingly confirming rumours that its initial fall 2018 release date was “never realistic”.

In development since 2012, it appears that Bioware’s franchise headliner Anthem still needs a little more work. The initial fall 2018 release date, announced by publisher EA last year during the Xbox One press conference, will be missed.

Very little is currently known about the “semi-MMO” Anthem, other than a few gameplay videos that have been carefully drip-fed to the community.

As such, speculation is rife on what could cause the delay, with possible reasons stretching from an issue with the Frostbite engine; right through to pressure building at the studio due to the poor reception received by Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Some fans will not be surprised, considering a report from a Kotaku source that stated the initial fall release date was “never realistic”.

Recent dramas with Destiny 2, a game that shares similar aspirations of a shared online world was Anthem, could also be causing headaches for developers as they struggle to deal with the recent backlash against industry practices with DLC and microtransactions. It’s likely that the Bioware team are desperately trying to avoid the same repercussions.

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Why do you think Anthem has been delayed? Let me know in the comments below!

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